Anjelica designs all Training packages to the horses individual needs and the owner/riders goals. Each horse is treated like one of her own. All horses get one on one care and the time and attention needed to come along in their training. It is important to Anjelica that each horse is given a chance to shine. She does this by enhancing the horses natural ability and helping the horse along in areas where they are not as strong. Training is offered to polish up your horses' skills, dust off the cobwebs or start from the ground up! From breaking horses to finishing and getting horses show ready! 


-Training ride

-Lunge (Round Pen or Pessoa System) 

- Turn-out

-Ground work

- Day care

- Supplements

- Body Clipping (full body) 

- Show Clip (muzzle, bridle path, fetlocks) 

- Wrapping/Unwrapping

- Administration of Medicine 

**training packages offered

Training Packages custom built for each individual horse

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